Always fresh.
Always open.

Pantry expands the hours
and reach of your food program.
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Sell your food anytime, anywhere
Pantry expands the hours and reach of your food and your brand
Sell your food
in more spots…
like lobbies and breakrooms!
Pantry shortens lines during peak hours

You are in control with Pantry

Stock the fresh food you make —
from snacks to full meals, breakfast to dinner.

So how does it work?


Swipe your credit card to open the door. Don’t worry — you won’t be charged unless you decide to take an item out of the kiosk!


Pantry is like your refrigerator at home. We think you should be able to pick up and look at your food before deciding to eat it.


Found something you like? Just take it out of the kiosk and shut the door. Pantry’s smart technology will know what you took and charge you accordingly.


Log into your dashboard for
real-time inventory and sales

Restocking a Pantry is simple

  • Unlock the door
    with a pincode
  • Place Items
    on a shelf
  • You are ready
    to sell!

Pantry’s unique RFID-based technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the kiosk providing efficient inventory control — no manual entry needed

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